Named after our tumbling Australian waves, SummerSalt is a brand specialising in sea salt flakes sourced from the Great Barrier Reef with this particular line being sold at major Australian airports, targeting tourists from all around the world. Inspired by vintage Australian beach posters, the lively, playful and colourful voice of the brand along with the movement of a somersault is present across the entire design.
The packaging aims to convey the spirited and dynamic character of Australia through the use of bold colours, intending to have a bursting shelf presence. The square shape is sturdy, compact and lightweight catering to ease of transit to and from an airport while the string tie and colourful patterning presents itself as the perfect gift from overseas without being overwhelmingly and stereotypically Australian.
The design intentionally diverges from typical sea-related imagery as a point of difference to conventional salt packaging and instead suggests the salt’s oceanic origins through wave imagery, echoing the action of a somersault.
The dynamic visuals associated with the brand name are highlighted through the lid of the box, opened by turning the twine fastener and letting the consumer participate in a small-scale version of a somersault. Additionally, the shape of the lid draws inspiration from a crashing wave which it mimics as the box is opened and closed. All materials used are biodegradable, including the hemp twine fastener.